Basic-CMAM (Basic Community-Based Management Of Acute Malnutrition) Training

Basic-CMAM (Basic Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition) Training

The first phase of the training, which began on 02 October 2021, was completed during the month of October.

One of the important activities of the project, is to strengthen Primary Health-Care Services and manage cases of malnutrition under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of Yemen is to increase the capacity and training of nutrition personnel.

The Foundation Course on Community Treatment of Acute Malnutrition spanned 10 days in 8 governorates. This training is considered to be the first phase of the training series, which aims at the end of all stages of the training, training and training of more than 400 staff working in the field of nutrition in order to identify the forms of malnutrition and the methods and methods of conducting physical measurements. In addition, follow-up to children under 5 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, the provision of special food, the importance of breastfeeding, supplementary food and ways of caring for sick children.

During the training, trainers explain the forms of malnutrition and the manner in which physical measurements are made to detect and treat malnutrition, as well as applied activities and simulations of the application of theoretical information in clinics. This will ensure that training participants are able to apply training objectives and benefit from information and will be reflected positively in the optimal delivery of service to the beneficiaries in the clinics.

First phase of the training program:

Training title: Basic-CMAM (Basic Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition)

Duration: 10 days for each training session

Training Locations:

8 Governorates (Marib, Lahj, Shabwah, Hadramout, TAIZ, Al- Muharah, Al Dhale’e, Al Hudaydah).

Participant No: 195 participants (134 female, 61 males)

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