supply Artificial Limbs Parts.


Declare a tender for supply Artificial Limbs Parts.

To the central warehouse in the Republic of Yemen- TAIZ

Operation The Artificial Limbs and Rehabilitation Center- TAIZ-Phase 5

Code of Tender:   KSR-031-IRVD-002

To get the Condition of Tender and the terms pls contact us:
[email protected]  CC   [email protected]

You can call us : +967778676440
or check with one of our offices in the Republic of Yemen:

1. Marib office: Marib city – the complex – Saba Street – behind Al-Nukhba Hospital – Al-Bayhani Building, second floor – flat-6

2.  Al-Mahra Office: Al-Ghaydah City – Makhbal Al-Jahhi Street – Bani Hall Building – Office 108

3. Taiz Office: Taiz Governorate – Al Qahirah District – Al Majalia District – next to Arwa School

4. Aden Office: Aden Mansoura – Governor’s Corniche – Al-Durain – Al-Ahmadi Project – Block 4 – Villa No. 2, the Ministry of Culture’s yard

5. Hadramout Office: Seiyun City – Algeria Street – Al-Thawra District – North of the old gate of Seiyun General Hospital – Falhom Building (formerly Al-Arousa) – Second Floor – Apartment -2              

 The period:  From 01-06-2023 to the end of official working hours on 25-06-2023 at 15:00 Taiz local time.

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